Video Reporting

I began producing video in 2009 with a small Kodak Zi8, edited with iMovie and taught myself production skills through trial and error. I am now comfortable shooting with Digital SLR cameras and a variety of digital camcorders. I enjoy the editing process in Final Cut Pro and the challenges live digital productions bring.

Here are some examples of my work, with brief descriptions:


One of eight documentaries produced in an award-winning digital project.

Live Production

The Bernard Pollard Show: a 30-minute offsite digital broadcast produced with a team effort.

Video package

Off-site shoot with post-production elements including still photos and background music.

In the field, quick turnaround

This was shot and live on the web in 30 minutes.

In the field, deadline

Taped after the game with post-production elements and live in under 1 hour.

Postgame locker room

Raw interviews from the locker room posted on deadline after a game.

Postgame locker room (mobile)

Raw interviews shot and edited on iPhone.

B-roll editing

Editing of raw footage from a third party to complement a web story.

Mobile Timelapse

A fun experiment using an iPhone.

Slideshow narrative

I shot seven Major League Baseball games in six days with a Digital SLR and put them together in story form via a narrated slideshow.

Special section

Shooting several videos in a short span to augment a special section on high school football. Shot with a DSLR.

Hand-held video

My sports journalism videos on YouTube attracted over 31,000 views between 2009-12. This is one of my first videos.